ESEF for Agencies - Financial Communication

Annual financial reports from issuers of the securities traded in the European financial markets must be published in the European Single Electronic Format – ESEF – for financial years beginning on January 1, 2020. In the future, IFRS consolidated financial statements must be published in the form of “Inline XBRL® data” – a “hybrid type” document, on the one hand like a website “readable for human eyes” (xHTML), supplemented by selected machine-readable XBRL®structural information.

anuboXBRL offers agencies the following services:
    • Support with strategic questions:
      • Scenarios of future financial data communication: European Central Access Point, the issuer’s corporate website, XBRL search engines, voice assistants for querying capital market information from listed companies, innovations such as the multiple use of the xHTML layout in various communication channels, etc.
      • Revision of your own USP definition and services: What is technically possible? – What’s not up yet? – What’s not up yet?
      • Alternatives to future agency services, integrated into the issuer’s closing processes
      • Development of a vision, intermediate goals and implementation roadmap
      • joint development of a rough concept, detailed technical concept in joint workshops
    • Operational preparation of the financial statements in ESEF format or adaptation of the agency processes:
      • Generation of the InlineXBRL data with, in addition to the visual component xHMTL,
      • now also the machine-readable component, the XBRL structure information,
      • integrated – in different scenarios – of the annual financial statement preparation processes of your issuers
      • with open source software / commercial software, support with conception, software adaptation or software development if necessary

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