XBRL Consulting Services

What drives us?

XBRL technology is fascinating – with new technological possibilities for financial data. Since our foundation in 2007, anuboXBRL has been concerned with developing the full potential of XBRL.

In Europe there are excellent XBRL applications from authorities that have created new benefits for everyone involved. But there are also new XBRL applications in which there are currently considerable gaps in expectations between the original Vision, the potential of XBRL – on the one hand – and the actual implementation – on the other hand (e.g. ESEF). There are many reasons. The same applies to the pace at which improvements are currently – and probably in the next few years – being made.

What can you expect from us?

As a customer of anuboXBRL you can expect us to speak openly and honestly with you about the reality – the current and the future. And draw conclusions for your XBRL project together.

Business Strategy Consulting

We compare your idea, the basis of your new XBRL business model, with the actual technical conditions, for example when authorities provide XBRL data and they want to use this data. Is your strategy right? Or should your strategy be adjusted in terms of content or timing. As a result, your technical concept also needs to be adapted for your software development?

XBRL Technology Advisory

We do not impose any specific XBRL software on our customers Or “advise” only in a certain direction. We will introduce you to alternatives: For example, the use of a commercial XBRL processor, or an open source XBRL processor, through to the in-house development of an XBRL processor.. We provide you with the basis for your decision-making, and – if you wish – we can also support you with the technological implementation – in all three cases. Be it advisory, operational or quality assurance. As long as you want.

What are the advantages of working together?

You prevent your business model from making unrealistic technical assumptions. Your employees are supported in forming a realistic technical opinion and realistically assessing the technical statements of the various stakeholders. This avoids the creation of an unsuitable technical concept and unnecessary costs at an early stage.

What are the advantages of working together?

XBRL know-how transfer into your company. Well informed about the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives, you can make informed decisions. With us you stay flexible. We show you how you can avoid high license costs and dependencies on only one supplier.

Our approach

We support you in all phases of your XBRL software development and XBRL implementation projects.

1. From the idea to the strategy

We evaluate the feasibility of your idea and strategy. If these are based on an XBRL project of a regulator or an authority, its hidden weaknesses and effects on your project must be carefully analyzed. The results should be incorporated into your strategy – in good time.

2. From the strategy to the technical concept

We analyze actual processes and develop the specialist concept based on the strategy – together with you. In doing so, we analyze limiting factors that result from the XBRL project of the regulator or the authority. These are taken into account in the technical concept.

3. From the technical concept to implementation

Based on the technical concept and project plan, we participate in the implementation to the desired extent (e.g. development of test cases, quality assurance). In addition, we support you with the ongoing adjustments of your product to the usual constant changes and improvement of the XBRL projects of the regulators and authorities.

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