Shanghaier Börse: Alle Unternehmen berichten in XBRL

Die Shanghaier Börse berichtet, dass zum 30. April 2009 alle 864 an dieser Börse gelisteten Unternehmen ihre Jahresberichte 2008 in XBRL eingereicht haben:
 „… As of April 30, all of the 864 companies had disclosed their XBRL instances on the website of the SSE as scheduled. The advantage of XBRL adoption lies in that one input enables infinite usage. Meanwhile, the automatic check on articulation inherent in XBRL avoids the occurrence of the unmalicious false information and errors to a large extent. Together with the interactive characteristic offered by data in XBRL, we can use one information source and make comprehensive analyses and comparisons on the information despite the different needs of regulators, investors, analysts, financial reporters or even enterprises themselves towards financial data. …

Quelle:  Shanghai Stock Exchange, RMB0.35 EPS Last Year, Large-cap Blue Chips are the Backbone(2009-05-04)